Saturday, June 14, 2008

Krishna Dagli: Resume

Krishna Dagli
krishna dot dagli at gmail dot com

    • Technical Consultant, Ministry of Finance Feb 2005 - Dec 2006
    • Project Manager, Infotech Financials Pvt. Ltd. Oct 2002 - Sep 2006
    • Team Leader, Infotech Financials Pvt. Ltd. Aug 2000 - Sep 2002
    • Senior Programmer, Infotech Financials Pvt. Ltd. Feb 1999 - Jul 2000

    • Ministry of Finance (Feb 2005 - Dec 2006)

      Member of Technical committee to upgrade IT infrastructure at Ministry of Finance. The agenda was to determine which software was to be purchased based on the requirements of each department, minimum standards to be adapted while purchasing software, hardware and use of open source software to replace proprietary sotfware. Linux consulation.

    • Visa Pay (Jan 2006)

      To review the performance of purchased hardware and suggest configuration changes, mainly for cryptographic hardware solutions.

    • Siyaram Silk Millls Ltd. (Mar 2006)

      Email solution using Open source Technologies. I was brought in as a consultant for optimization and configuration problems.

    • Algorithmic Trading System (Jan 2008 - )

      The second phase of Algorithmic trading solution.

    • Dealer Back Office Automation and Reporting (Jan 2007-)

      Enterprise integration system capable of generating performance and analysis reports for a broker.

    • Capital Market Risk Analyzer (Dec 2006 -)

      The system that calculates client's Risk and other parameters by taking into account client's holdings and trading positions.

    • Basic CRM - BCM (Nov 2006 - Feb 2007)

      Contact management and Interaction logging, reporting system for institutional clients of an Equity brokerage firm.

    • Algorithmic Trading System (Feb 2005 - Nov 2006)

      An algorithmic trading solution that allows broker to define trading strategies, based on which orders could be triggered off automatically to the Exchange. The system was amongst the first of its kind in India and was a real-time financial software with adquate risk checks and 100\% uptime.

    • TAN \& PAN Logistics Control Module (Mar 2004 - Jan 2005)

      An in-house application for National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) allows them track the document(TAN and PAN Card) flow of their TAN and PAN management services.

    • Telerate Systems' Capital Market Module (Feb 2004)

      The conceptualisation and design of plugin for Money Line's Active8 which displays company charts, reports and financial summary depending on the screen and scrip selection.

    • Zero Coupon Yield Curve (Jan 2003 - Dec 2003)

      Zero coupon yield curve estimation and reducing SSE. The system was able to perform 20 times faster than the exiting system.

    • Realtime Arbitrage Position Monitor (Mar 2002 - Nov 2002)

      A real-time application used to calculate the Netposition of dealers(jobbers) across stocks and across market in an equity broking firm.

    • Chanakya (Jan 2002 - Mar 2002)

      Chanakya is a decision support product for derivatives trading, capable of handling multiple data feeds from Exchange or information vendors such as Moneyline Telerate.

    • e-Brokerage (Jan 2001 - Dec 2001)

      A web based trading system which allowed clients sitting at various parts of the globe to input orders to the brokers's central server from there dealer routes orders manually to the exchange.

    • i-Depository (Jan 2001 - Dec 2001)

      An online reporting and emailing system which allows clients of brokers to see their holding and transaction statements online.

    • i-Fund (May 2000 - Sep 2000)

      An index fund management product developed in-house for Index fund tracking error calculation.

    • Socket Library in C: Developed socket handling library in C and released as GNU software. Took part as a developer to be a part of the open source Gammu project (version 0.2) which allows users to interface with mobile phones using Linux.
    • Reverse engineering of MBUS protocol for Nokia 5110 handset. Used for design a mobile PCO with the Nokia 5510 handset, a keypad and assembled electronic components. This device tracks when calls are connected and starts a timer which stops when the call is disconnected.Project was done under the guidance of Prof. Pankaj Siriah of IIT Bombay.
    • Did the design for software to sign contract notes using digital signatures and encrypt each note before dispatch to clients.
    • Developed a wap based system for trading via the Internet for a premier mobile telecommunications company.
    • Installation, configuration and performance tuning of Sybase and DB2.
    • Considerable knowledge of Diskless Linux setup, Webserver and Mail server setup. (Apache, qmail). Integration of Wap, SMS services with Apache using Kannel gateway.
    • Systems Analysis and Design: From UC Berkeley University (Oct 2007).
    • Secure Programming and Security : From Stanford University (Oct 2005).
    • NSE's derivatives certification exam with a score of 83\%.
    • Certification in AIX from IBM.
    • DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Fundamentals (Test 700) with a score of 81\%.
    • DB2 UDB V8.1 for Linux, Unix and Windows Database Administration (Test 701) with a score of 82\%.
    • BSc, Mathematics, at Mumbai university. (1998) with a score of 68\%.

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