Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Learning Statistics using R: Role-type classification (2 of 2)

Lets try few examples from the course web site. In these example we are presented with a brief description of a study involving two variables. We are required to determine which of the four cases represents the data sets of the problem. That is we need to identify if a variable is Categorical or Quantitative and which variable is Response and Explanatory variable.
  1. A store asked 250 of its customers whether they were satisfied with the service or not. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between the customer's satisfaction and gender.

    In this example, Gender is explanatory variable and Statifaction based on gender is response variable. Both these variables are Categorical and hence this is an example of Case II.

  2. A study was conducted in order to explore the relationship between the number of beers a person drinks, and his/her Blood Alcohol Level (in %).
    In this example; Both the explanatory (number of beers) and response (BAC) variables are quantitative in this case, and therefore this is an example of case III. Hence this is an example of case I.

  3. A study was conducted in order to determine whether longevity (how long a person lives) is somehow related to the person's handedness (right-handed/left-handed).

    In this case the explanatory variable (handedness) is categorical and the response variables (longevity) is quantitative. This is, therefore an example of case I.

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